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Drill rig (Cactus 117) hit by tornado this week

26 May

Forwarded from one of our service techs:

This happened yesterday, 5/24/2011, close to Calumet, OK-
Pictures were taken by an SLB employee who was there –
An F5 tornado that was 1/2mile wide with winds up to 210mph caused this-
Everyone survived and no, there is no oil spill (or natural gas)-

“The rig was originally rigged up with the V-Door to the south. They had just TD’d a horizontal shale well and were circulating and preparring to lay down drill pipe. The sub and derrick were picked up and moved approx. 60′ north and rotated 90 degrees. Estimated weight of the sub, derrick, drawworks and drill pipe is well over 1,000,000 pounds.”

Rig specs: http://www.cactusdrlg.com/images/data/attachments/0000/0718/R-117.pdf



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