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IMS Hall of Fame – an abridged tour

25 May

Some of you have seen these pics before. Revisiting to compile stuff into one place.

Shots from the Dec 2010 visit to the IMS Hall of Fame Museum.

As you can tell I’m huge on the Watson, Kurtis-Kraft, Offy, Meyer-Drake era of Indy history, so forgive me If my pics are a bit heavy in the 1950-1965 era:

This ‘vette is magnesium bodied.

Here you have the first turbine powered car to run at Indy (left) and the first rear-engined car (right)

Some Maserati action

And if anyone happens to remember my ongoing dream project, this is it.
I have a copy of the original blueprints for this exact car. Jim Rathmann’s 1960 Indy 500 winning Watson roadster.

I’m working on a deal to get a chassis table from an old Boeing plant right now, so maybe the project will start… eventually… ?

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