More gear for the JMT trip

1 Nov

More gear added:


MSR Sweetwater microfilter
Weight: 11 oz
Can filter around 1L per minute. Around 750 liters per filter cartridge. Small and compact, active carbon core eliminates over 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of common protozoan parasites.

Black Diamond Storm 100 headlamp
Weight: 3.9 oz w/o batteries (x4 AAA)
LED Type: 1 TriplePower, 4 SinglePower (2 white, 2 red)
Lumens: 100
Max Distances: 70 m (TriplePower LED); 25 m (2 SinglePower LEDs)
Max Burn Time: 200 H (TriplePower LED); 125 H (SinglePower LEDs)



Thermarest Prolite Sleeping Pad
Weight: 1 lb
Self inflating, 1″ thick, three season capable. Lightest most compact self inflating pad available.





Total weight so far: 15 lb 13.7 oz

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