JMT plans – first gear update

30 Aug

Here’s what’s been decided so far:
I’m watching weight, obviously, but certainly not getting into ultralight trekking territory.



Crestrail 70 pack – 70 liter – (4271 ci)
Weight: 5 lb


Kelty 0* Cosmic Down sleeping bag
Weight: 3 lb 11 oz
This one is “comort” rated at 17*F and bottom limit rated at 4*F. It will definitely not get that cold on the trail, but for those nights sleeping above 10,000 ft I guess it could always get interesting (see pic at bottom)
Bag ratings are based on someone wearing full long underwear and a hat and I won’t be doing that. I’m adding a bit of weight over a 20* or 30* bag but there will be other (possibly colder) trips in the future so I’m not worried about it. Will be getting a compression sack though. The “stock” stuff-sack is a big big.





REI Passage 1 Tent
Weight: 4 lb 1 oz
Single person, 20 sqft floor area. Weight includes rainfly and footprint.





Komperdell “Trail” trekking poles
Weight: 1 lb 2.8 oz
Cork handles, aluminum shafts, removable snow baskets




Total weight so far: 13 lb 14.8 oz



BTW, I found a reaaaally detailed elevation profile of the trail

super hi-res:


Random pics:

This is Evolution Basin

September snow at 11,680 ft  (Consultation lake, 5.5 mi before Mt Whitney summit)

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