Power Through

20 Jul

“High volume/high frequency anything sucks ass the first week or three. I’d expect a lot of fears of overtraining and adrenal fatigue, plenty of second guessing, and generally lots of bitching and moaning.

“But it passes. I was as stunned as anyone, but if you just keep going, you shake it off and enter this wonderful land where you feel indestructible. That’s not quite right, because you still feel horrible in a way – and your markers of stress will almost certainly reflect it – but it’s like you learn to ignore it.

“You go into a different headspace where it doesn’t matter, and the motivation to keep going overrides anything else; a very strange place that is, but also wonderful from a training standpoint.

“Body comp changes happen. It’s unavoidable. Likewise for neuro-endo-immune markers – unavoidable, but at the same time, so decoupled from the performance variables that you can power through.

“The powering through is what becomes the Useful Thing. It’s a skill that can be practiced like anything else.”



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