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In the hall of the engine rebuilder

29 Jun

Talk about a great idea for a stop motion video.

11 months and 3000 pictures later…


UK-based YouTube user nothinghereok bought this used engine off Ebay for his Triumph Spitfire after his own engine suffered a catastrophic failure. He then decided to document the process of rebuilding the engine from stripping its thousands of parts, cleaning them up to completely reassembling the entire thing again. Mind-boggling. Also, a great little surprise at the end.


The science of hangovers – now with 530% more animated videos!

29 Jun!/AsapSCIENCE


Happy Friday!


Why alcohol and coffee dehydrate you:


What actually causes hangovers:


And finally, how to side-step some of those super shitty hangover symptoms the next morning

Mechanical Porn

29 Jun


I feel like I’m back in my Mechanisms of Machinery class in college. LOVE it!

“The film presents a deceptively “open” series of images of gears and pistons that transfer movement from vertical to rotary directions. Musical in its repetitive visual form, it now seems akin to Charles Sheeler’s paintings and photographs of railroad locomotive gears and wheels, a tribute to the machine age.” 

— Robert A. Haller


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