How to fail at ice fishing

15 Feb

Went to the “Chain o’ Lakes” on Fox river (Lake Catherine, to be specific) in Antioch, IL for an ice fishing derby and failed miserably.

While it was -7*F Saturday morning it has not been overly cold all winter up there and there were still some spots of open water ~500yds out. Combine that with some environmental crap (local gov killing off a species of plant in the water) and we caught absolutely nothing this year.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been this cold. I’ve seen colder on a thermometer but it was always while doing active things. Standing still in a 20+mph wind is retarded. I’m not sure why people do this.

I had a canned beer start to freeze and get slushy before I could drink all of it, and the red solo cups of keg beer… well even a high ABV IPA cant resist the freezing power of that damn wind.


What do you do when you don’t catch shit? Play games.


We even had a camera to look under the ice… and didnt see shit.


Wait, I lied. We did see a fish. It was dead and frozen under 6″ of ice.



Did I mention it was freezing cold out there with zero payoff?


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