More oilfield carnage – this time in Texas

3 Feb

What happens when the drivers moving your SCR sets don’t pay attention to big light up electronic low bridge signs?

You end up with two Cat 3512 drill rig power modules strewn across the highway and a third hanging off the trailer.

For anyone familiar with the DFW area this is northbound hwy 360 in Arlington and they hit the railroad bridge at Division St. 360 is now closed in both directions… for at least 6 hours according to TxDOT.

Looks like the first jackass didn’t see the low bridge signs and smashed the SCR set into it then off the trailer, and the second jackass followed suit. Jackass #3 didn’t quite make it, but he made sure to crash into the second genset that landed on the road.

One rig’s worth of powergen (ie. these three gensets) is about $1MM. Suuuuuuuuucks!



After looking at the pics again and pulling up a datasheet on that unit they probalby alllllllmost made it. With a genset height of ~116″ (base skid + radiator), plus the drop deck trailer height (42″ avg ?) and a bit for the roof on the genset they were actually probably very close to the 13’6″ height of the bridge (bridge height from TxDOT).

It looks like the first unit made it under but had the roof torn off… the second, judging by the marks on the pavement, got thrown off the trailer as he tried to slam it to a stop before going under and never actually touched the bridge.


EDIT #2:

pics from a TxDOT employe on-scene


“equipment has no brain you must use your own”



Video from TxDOT on site:



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