Cyclecars – Relics from the era of awesomeness

28 Nov

Take an engine from something like a WWI biplane, put it in a chassis full of splinters and tetanus, strap on a helmet and give ’em hell.

As someone else said, “I wonder how they get their legs and their balls to fit in the same pair of pants?

This is a GN cyclecar from the 1910’s.

seen racing on sunday…….5 litre (302ci) air cooled, JAP V8…total loss oiling system (it just runs out all over the car/driver/floor) engine from before Louis Blereo (think you spell it like that) first flew across the English channel … well before ww1….
The guy drove it like a bastard, opposite lock on every corner, smoking the tyres as he was sliding…..and no front brakes

Oh and it’s road legal too!! Don’t ask me how i have no idea

I think I want one of these things

Here is “Thunderbug.” This is another GN from the same era. (same black/yellow car from above)

“The Hornet Special”

Nash and Godfrey hated cogs

Built a car with chains and dogs

Would it work I wonder if

It was fitted with a diff?

Holy F’ing shit…

Turns out he only broke a collarbone, but DAMN. 😮

And then take one in the mud?!

No kits. Get to work!

I’ll stop soon, I swear 😮 I can’t get over the details on this car.

As someone else very aptly pointed out it’s like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… in race car form. Very Victorian. The patina, the oily ash, the copper and brass, the exposed valvetrain on the Prestwich engine, the artwork… It’s just fucking awesome in every sense.

Just a couple more that popped up


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