You will run, and you will like it.

16 Aug

I love cycling.

I have never loved running.

I’m embarking on a mission to change that. Cycling brings me happiness, alone time, fitness, etc but it also has equipment and maintenaince. Cycling is not as carefree as lacing up some shoes. Where are my bibs? Do I have a clean jersey or is it a t-shirt day? Lube the chain, check tire pressure, check cables…

I long for the simplicity of running. To be able to lace up a pair of shoes and attain that solitary peace that I get on my bike, but anywhere in the world. Traveling and cycling do not go well together, but shoes will fit in any bag. I long for the day I get the endorphin rush and high that lasts for hours from a run just like I can from a ride.

As an aside to the main goal here, I am also starting with a minimalist approach (shoe of choice: Nike Free Sparq). I’ll admit, Born To Run struck a chord with me. It seems so simple, yet elegant, so I’m going to give it a shot.

My knee problems started in middle school when I was hit with the full force of Osgood–Schlatter disease (more of a temporary affliction; “disease” seems a bit dramatic) and it went downhill from there. Last time I went to an ortho I had one knee scoped for meniscus repair and while they were in there they saw that I had torn half of my ACL (apparently they didn’t catch it on the MRI) but at that point they were in too deep (pardon the pun) to do anything at that time. Since then it’s just been management and hoping that the day it decides to let loose is still far off.

Basically, I don’t want to be like this again for a loooooong time:

I’m hoping that sticking to a plan, re-learning good running form and listneing to my legs will get me to my goal.

So here’s the plan:
I’m starting from the bottom. Seriously. The ‘couch to 10k’ plan.

Day 1 was yesterday. No knee pain (I would hope not! Look at all that walking!). I’ll update this weekly, either on this post or with a new one.

Starting weight: 214 (8-16-11)


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