Stealth mode: activated

5 Aug

It was time for a change. Completely stock is boring and I’ve always loved the look of the PPV (police pursuit vehicle) Tahoes so I figured I’d give it a shot. I also do a lot of highway driving and I’ve read that the police tahoes ride great; smooth but firm with a much tighter feel.

Here’s how it started.

The police wheels are basically the same as the basemodel steel wheels from the pickups, except the trucks have a chrome face on them. Rather than bust my ass trying to find a set of the police wheels (authenticity is not the chief concern) I started at the next best place. It should also be noted that the centercaps are slightly different. The trucks have a greyish color cap that attaches to the lugnuts while the police caps are chrome and held directly to the wheel with three 13mm bolts. For now, I’m enjoying the less blingy look of the plain ol’ truck caps, but who knows… I might change my mind.

Anyway, $100 on Craigslist and a trip to the parts store got me ready to tackle the first step. I cleaned all the wheels with water then the alcohol, hit them w/ 400 grit cleaned them again and then laid a light coat of self etching primer. After that, a few coats (starting light and getting thicker) of semi-gloss high temp engine enamel were all it took.

The PPV Tahoes are lower than stock. I can’t find a definitive answer but somehwere between 30mm (1.18″) and 2″ and they also run 265-60-17 tires. Since I’m staying stock height for now I also stayed with the stock tire size (265-70-17).

After getting the wheels done the next step was to remove the roof rack. While it has a purpose I don’t use it and the lines are much cleaner without it. Next on the list is a set of beefier swaybars to kill the body roll (one of my only complaints about the whole car). Then… possibly a low-key pushbar and lower it a bit. Maybe a 2-4 kit?

Here it is after the wheels, tires and roof rack removal.


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