New addiction? I think I might really enjoy being on dirt… uh oh.

24 Apr

So I started life with a ’71 Chevelle. Years later, and with a much lighter wallet, I sold it. Then I turned to the old school hot rod world… the ’28 Model A coupe. Well, I moved on from that also.

For the past two years I’ve had my ’60 Watson Indy Roadster dream. Copies of AJ Watson’s blueprints are in the safe.

But there’s the light wallet problem. I think that one’s going to have to wait ’til a little later in life where there’s more time and money floating around. In the mean time, I was introduced the to the world of offroading this weekend… all the way down to the broken parts.

It is wrong to start window shopping for a toy to wheel around in? And is it even more wrong that I would love to hack up an early Bronco 😀


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