The jumping off point…

13 Apr

A friend once told me:
“You should just have a stickied thread with all your essays/photo essays/and adventures on it. That, or a separate blog with all that on it, and linked here. That’d be cool. “

Well, here it is.
Dont take it too seriously or read too deeply into anytihng, you’ll just hurt yourself.

Before anyone asks:

(Latin for “bridge of asses”) is the name given to Euclid’s fifth proposition in Book 1 of his Elements of geometry, also known as the theorem on isosceles triangles. It states that the angles opposite the equal sides of an isosceles triangle are equal. There are two possible explanations for the name, the simplest being that the diagram used resembles an actual bridge. But the more popular explanation is that it is the first real test in the Elements of the intelligence of the reader and as a bridge to the harder propositions that follow.

More inbound tomorrow. You’ve been warned.

– Matt


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